Graphic Designers Columbus

Communication can take on many forms, but none enhance the physical or virtual world more than Graphic Design.

It’s the art and practice of the graphic designer to use visuals and text, no matter what form they may take to project the best ideas which represent their client’s needs and services. Creative conceptuals, llustration, brand identity systems, copywriting, etc. are all integral parts of a larger system employed by the graphic designer.

The end result? Attention in the market place, the creation of a niche that didn’t exist for you before, and the attention of new business prospects you now command because you’re moving forward and they see you as a player. That’s what good graphic design can do. Demand it!

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Illustration is my life. I illustrate conceptual ideas, type styles, logo designs and anything creative you can think of … I can literally make something out of nothing.

My illustrations have the power to get you noticed. I take great pride in my attention to detail, from the initial thumbnail sketches, to the final drafted illustration that will get you the results you deserve!   ILLUSTRATION

Logo Design

A logo can be poetic or poignant but it must be distinctive and easily recognized! After all, it’s an identity mark that represents you and the services you purvey to your clients.

Most important, I want to ensure that the logo I create for you is distinctive, simple to read, and unforgettable to your clientele … with a versatility that enables me to maintain the consistency you need to effectively communicate with your customers.  LOGOS


Your business identity should never be a secret. That’s for guys that fly around in capes wearing tights. Your customers want to know who you are at a glance, and you should have the capability to shout it out for all to hear!

It should always be important to you and your business because it can be the difference between new sales and marketing opportunities, or simply wondering what happened.  BRANDING – IDENTITY