Pencil Portraits and Memories

The Family.
It comes in all shapes and sizes, with or without fur, with two legs or four legs, human or animal … family is family! The four legged variety of family always seem the most important because let’s face it, they’re with you through the best and the worst of times and they love you all the same. Why not capture the essence of their love in a truly unique and special way?

Custom Pet Drawings

A pencil illustration of your treasured dog or cat can capture the mood and “that look” which always puts a smile on your face. Based in Columbus, Ohio, I’ve been creating custom pencil illustrations of animals (and humans!) for over 30 years, capturing those special moments for you to enjoy forever. Find out how simple it is to order your custom portrait today!

Pencil Illustration

Pencil Illustration | Luther Che faccia! What a face! It’s just like a furry road-map with so many interesting twists and turns to explore. That’s the fun of pencil portraiture … no two subjects are ever alike! Contract pencil portraiture / used by permission of owner

Pencil Illustration

Pencil Illustration | Rob & Lisa DeFeo I don’t always get to meet the subjects I’m contracted to draw, but when you have the opportunity to illustrate someone you’ve known for years you can add that extra sparkle that comes through in their personality! Contract pencil portraiture / used by permission of owner