Branding – Identity

Branding your identity can be your major edge over the competition in an ever-changing market … it’s your purpose and your promise to your client. It’s your very soul on display and differentiates you and your distinctive services from your competitors. The foundation for designing a memorable brand identity system is more than a catchy logo design with hip colors merged together. It has to be. It’s listening, researching, then defining your needs into creative concepts of vision and substance.

And once the proper direction is selected, I’ll finalize your brand elements and style guidelines into a package that will clearly and consistently show your customers what you can deliver for them … every time!

conceptual design

Conceptual Design

It all starts here. The initial planning, research, sketches of variations, choice of a color palette and the right fonts. Going from point A to point B is the most important part of the conceptual process as it builds the right foundation upon which everything else will immediately follow!

logo creative 1

Logo Creative

The precision finish of your chosen logo mark is an important part of your identity system and can be your first introduction to a new client. Consistency of brand elements and style guidelines should carry through all collateral applications, from start to finish.

Graphic Identity

New innovations in technology allow graphic designers almost unlimited methods to create flyers, posters, signage and banner applications with real impact. Your identity can now appear on virtually everything from stunning auto wraps, to process printing on corrugated ceiling tile. The sky is no longer the limit!

Digital Marketing

Effective web design is one facet of the digital revolution … powered with greater efficiency by a multitude of social media outlets and opportunities for digital marketing across the planet.