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Creativity and tenacity … two important driving forces to marketing your identity, your products and your services. At Cuccia Creative Illustration & Design we believe these concepts go hand in hand, producing outstanding results for our clients in corporate branding and identity with logo design, packaging, television storyboards, illustrations for clients and book publishers, designing brochures and newsletters, to multimedia work and web design.

We listen and ask questions about your business and competition because the education process is a two-way street. Then we go to work, solving problems with creative solutions that get you the results you desire.

The world is now at your doorstep … are you ready to open the door?

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Graphic Designers

Great communication begins with an experienced graphic designer who listens and understands the needs of your small business.

Better growth and online ranking in the market place are the end result because of your creative collaboration with a professional that understands all of the integral parts that make up your presence … whether in print magazines and newspapers or on the web, utilizing media outlets in combination with your new SEO site capabilities.

Strategic Branding

You’re successfully running your new business and have the ambition and drive to take it to the next level. You’re searching for the right leadership and insight to market and brand your goods and services with distinction, projecting your growth potential.

You need someone who understands the personal aspect of your small business, creating an identity system that separates you from your competitors … that’s Cuccia Creative Illustration & Design. Consistency of brand elements and tailoring graphic design to your specific needs are what we’re all about!


The very essence of great custom pencil portraiture is that you’re using an unusual medium to bring your subjects to life. It doesn’t matter whether they’re rendered in graphite or colored pencil, the soul of each dog, cat or person must be able to emerge from the paper in their own special way.

The combination of outstanding experience and quality draftsmanship in every pencil portrait… that’s what we do best and that’s what you’ll find every time at Cuccia Creative Illustration and Design.